Our Services

We provide a broad range of consultancy services and site work, especially for power system protection, from design to on-site testing and commissioning.

Our services play a valuable role in helping clients design, build, rebuild and maintain state-of-the-art electricity systems. They also turn to our expertise when things go wrong, to identify the causes of unexpected incidents and to help prevent them happening again.


Vector Power Solutions has experience in protection systems design, power system and protection setting studies, fault and disturbance analysis, protection installation, on-site testing and commissioning, protection incident investigation and protection replacements.

We undertake power system studies, advise on protection policy and strategy, and offer extensive experience in specification and design.

Detailed analysis and testing of existing equipment and systems to identify problems and suggest modifications.

From local outages to wide-area power failures, we offer a rapid and thorough investigation service.

An experienced and qualified team, together with associates, provides regular monitoring and maintenance of protection equipment.

Industrial, commercial and electricity supply industry experts in the provision of power system protection policy and strategy.

One of our core business activities is the specification and design of power system protection schemes at all voltage levels.

Educating and training the next generation of engineers is essential. We provide training in the use of specialist software designed for power system protection and power system studies.