Incident Investigation

Power failures disrupt businesses and economies, transport and healthcare. Electrical faults can have serious consequences - including fire, costly damage and a risk to life.

VPS consultants can respond quickly to carry out detailed incident investigations. They help clients to pinpoint the underlying causes of any failure of protection systems to perform as required and make recommendations for improvements and changes to prevent the problem happening again.

We have worked on investigations in the UK and internationally, across all voltage levels. These include wide‑area power failures involving transmission and distribution networks, loss of generation and disruption to traction power supplies.

VPS has experience in investigating a wide range of incidents and developing solutions including:

  • Transmission and distribution transformers

  • Outages across different voltage levels

  • Switchgear and distribution equipment

  • Underground cable joint failures

  • Physical examination of equipment

  • Examination of documentation

  • Simulations and modelling