Our Projects

VPS works on large and small projects, short term and long term, in the UK and around the world. Our work helps ensure that electricity supplies are reliable and safe for homes, businesses and public services.

We have provided power system protection expertise and investigations for primary substations, various large and small power plant, protection and control systems, aluminium smelters, steel works, railways and hospitals.

We are proud to have contributed to the introduction of significant improvements in the electricity supply in Oman, which have increased reliability. Over a five-year period, VPS carried out a major audit on behalf of the Authority for Electricity Regulation Oman.

VPS is a consultancy company specialising in Power System Protection and Studies associated with the Electricity Supply Industry, major industrial, transportation and commercial customers. Some of our projects are overseas based, however, all of our consultants are based in the UK.


A large part of our business is concerned with the modelling and study of client networks using leading power system analysis software produced in Germany. Study results can then be used by our clients to improve their electricity networks and improve efficiency and increase reliability.

Recent Projects

Some of our recent projects are listed below.


Supporting studies and services related to the CIEG 90kV submarine interconnectors between Jersey, Guernsey and France.


Protection and control systems for a new 90/11kV 2 x 40MVA grid substation.


Replacement of the interconnector protection and control equipment associated with a submarine cable replacement project.


Assistance to the Electricity Regulator with the management of sector company protection.


Replacement and expansion of the electrical system of Leeds NHS Trust and University network.


The development of a complex sychronising and control system.


Replacement of obsolete protection and control systems.


Protection scheme for Triton Power 275 kV grid connections.